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£500.00 to create 2 x post or 2 pages (which ever you prefer to get you started)

Pre requisite
For Simply seo to design your blog we need the following

  • HUE number , colour number , saturation number,   
  • if you do not have these, pick colours you like we normally recommend three main colour to your theme and design throughout)
  • Name, Logo, banner design template you hold 
  •  (if you do not have one, on the shopping cart pick the option that suits you and we design it for you)
  • email address, telephone number of your home/ business, address , company registration 
  •   (if you do not have an email we can create one for you for a fee £10.00 (please see option in SEO Design work ) for the time,
  • what type of business or sole trader are you ? are you a small business or large or a writer etc
  •  are you a limited company or sole trader, if a company we require your company registration number)
  • Back ground colour, text colour, link colour, title colour
  • Do you want your logo above in a picture or in words or both
Turn around time from initial payment to design to hand over for you is 7 days from invoice (if longer we email with an update)

  (example for people brand new to marketing online, or have no idea or need advice you can pay for our time to mentor you for a fee (£50.00 per hour give us your contact details in the contact form and we call to discuss, take your ideas from the call and provide an option for you to approve we send an invoice for work 

Do you require links to pages such as google, facebook twitter, link back ground colour and text colour.

widgets options like our blogs

Not sure what they are examples: Globe tracker, music (we need name of song & Artist for at maximum 7 songs *any extra charged at £2.50 per song to increase song length , chat room, security, fo
rum, video embedded etc, cookie Widget, rating options 
(please see Widget section on  
why choose simply SEO
one of a kind blog, we have yrs of experience in our in house SEO, we keep up to date with internet options, top listing through search engines, we can find what will work for your market, efficient and clean.


 £1000.00 for 2 pages a home page, 2nd page to get you going including brief table of content, including art work images, your text and information and company data and connecting any social media platforms you wish to use.  

why pick a  website  rather than a blog, Professional URL,  professional email and hosting options ,  if you require a hosting  and domain we can provide a monthly no tie in  contract, with one month notice free to go elsewhere (no hidden  charges)  we simply provide the FTP codes and your free to find a new company to host your website.

we can add a blog to the website, and we can link both, blogs help boost rankings to a Website , and give news and updates to your clean Crisp, easy to navigate Website.  

We use Wordpress mainly for websites our main Recommendation depending on theme 
Professional design STATIC, and we can place SEO, keywords and Analytics within the site to boost Ranking in search Engines (see costs in section )


 £100.00 per page include as much content on a page, think about target Audience, if pictures sell your brand or more information is crucial


£50.00  (each widget neededs to be added) 

Not sure what they are examples: Globe tracker, music (we need name of song & Artist for at maximum 7 songs *any extra charged at £2.50 per song to increase song length , chat room, security, forum, video embedded etc, cookie Widget, rating options



£27.50  (for 11 keywords)

 £2.50 per keyword, we Suggest and recommend at least 11 minimum of keywords  

Yrs of Experience we found what Search engines like for keywords  

we will look at your market, company, are you marketing locally, or nationally  or globally 


£20.00 per hour (X4 hour AVG  = £80.00)
We found what works and these a5 posters can be great for paper print, or Social media or website links to boost sales, as a picture tells a 1000 words 


 £20.00 per hour ( average. 4 hours , you receive a hard copy emailed of the logo to use as you wish for example what used on top of Website Scrolling rolling banners)


 £40.00 a month to look after your Website and email if you have issue we have you back up and running in 24 hours, unless its caused by hacking virus or domain companies are down for any security issues 

Email marketing (you provide client list )

 £70.00  each time you email market your client or data base you provide the client list on Excel and we convert into a Easy email Format to your client in one go 


£20.00 per hour ( average. 4 hours , you receive a hard copy emailed of the logo to use as you wish) to use for each campaign Creates Appeal easy to read and helps clients customers see your offers from your data base of clients 


£60.00       you receive a hard copy emailed of  your buisness card so you can have them uploaded to print or use them online if you would like as well.  we will need from you all your infomation and your company logo and colors and if you would like something spacific please let us know . 


  £25.00  we will email you your form and template to use online or for print whichever way you choose
our forms are  £25.00 per page. Our templates are £25.00 per template.