I met Clare many yrs ago whilst working employed for another company in Sheffield when they did her marketing and i was Asked to look at helping her on her original medispa Website yrs ago, which go scrapped with issues over Widgets integration issues.    Whilst chatting over some months helping clare to build her original website, Clare asked why I  was not working for myself with such talent and should give it a go being self employed.
I took the plunge and worked with Clare to help her gain knowledge in building websites and hosting domains until I felt confident Clare could do most of it herself. 
Clare has given me mentoring within my own business sometimes, when needed asking her questions that would be relevant and her integrity and dedication has given me knowledge in certain areas in business for myself 

I work with Clare on occasions in web work and would recommend Laura and Clare to anyone thinking of buying a service from them now or the future
Thanks Andy ASG MEDIA 

I encouraged Clare and laura to do their own SEO through their knowledge and Able to drive Traffic through their own medispa Website optimization and being indigo and working things out, i suggested a good idea, and they have helped to place my own business through the net and google sometimes.  
Great to see you putting that Talent to good use.  

Ashley kelley 
director Bank park & movie park  

 I asked laura to help me with a blog for sales of products easy to manage and i have no idea how to get known on
the net, my sister help gave me ideas i did not have before and gained me Extra sales

Marie krohn
perfectily posh consultant