Business mentoring – why choose CLARE to help you ?

C.V get to know clare

Entrepreneur – a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.

For new start up, sole traders, self employed or thinking of going self employed and unsure of the jump from employed to more flexible working conditions that suit your lifestyle or looking after family, juggling life.
Clare has yrs of experience as a mortgage underwriter for banks building society, and adverse lending, council right to buys, help establish a brand new estate agency and did the advertising every week for sheffield star property guide paper working on tight dead line, negotiating on property sales, and hand held service through to completion with solicitors in a  chain. running a busy office managing staff personalities and deadline.
Clare took this experience to jump in feet first a gamble which gave clare the necessary insight to running a large company virtually on her own at times with her partners letting her make executive decisions and doing sales for a hot tub pool sauna sale company, one of south yorkshire largest retailers for 5 yrs. as the market declined so did the business sales and its takes someone with guts to admit when things work and when to bail as a entrepreneur. Looking after service men , admin staff, sales team, chemical training import and export trade in the leisure pool and outdoor entertainment for gardens and design project with re-modelling homes and garden centre pieces, right to getting stuck in repairing hot tubs cleaning maintaining and delivery of spas in some awkward spots with cranes hyabs.
Clare has experience in building service industry and changed her life to suit her self, more, do what clare loved now and retrained as a massage therapist nearly 10 yrs ago and dedicates most of her time helping others through art of touch, and water therapy and making a sacred space that became medispa for many yrs now.
Clare experience in admin, making back end office system over the yrs, loop holes and working process and so that others can use a system or service effectively, these skills took her to starting up herself self employed, Starting her own company over 8 yrs ago formally, and in therapy healing a total Switch in direction clare calling to help herself, earn but love what she does, and not being in a 9 – 5 mentality anymore, paying high child care fees, but never seeing a home, or having a life with other operations in the past, medispa is a small home bases business, and also contracting out to other spas, or centres that value clare experience as a therapist healer psychic medium.

How can this help you?

If you are wanting to start a dream of enterprise, and unsure how to start where to go, and what to do, a business survives by intelligent management, no fear of change, sometimes in other alternative directions and seeing through the wood from the trees, how to put pen to paper and make a dream come to life, from a simple thought and idea, how clare can help you too with bringing your dream to life.
Clare time is valuable and as such there is a fee charged up front for the time, you need advice, we recommend having your idea ready and written down and how far you have got, or simply starting from scratch.
Business advice is valuable, and also can save you money, and being able to address issues in business in management, delegation, negotiation, choosing the right staff and options, looking at the premises or website or both, marketing options from how to get the best out of google, facebook twitter and other mediums and search engines around the world. or running a shop, office or more word of mouth businesses.
Clare and her team can help you build a website, or blog or leaflets or design you business card that suit your ethos and mission and how you wish to present yourself.
Clare has worked yrs ago along side Chamber of commerce and breakfast meeting and board meeting setting, to bring about partnership or greater business collaboration, between other companies or motivate staff and team members to get the best out of each other.
Like clare experience whilst her website has been praised medispa over the yrs for content and mobile friendly to a point, and the booking system and updates to the members, the business is still a small niche operation in which clare has dedicated hours and hours to changes updates, and seeing how to best effectively get the most profit out of something or product but without also selling yourself short . or dealing with suppliers and other wholesalers that like clean, cut sales, no gimmicks and fresh attitude and look, to face to face, phone or cold calling sales, which clare has done them all.
With over 16 yrs experience in business management accounts, and admin sales and running large and small operations, you too if not started Clare can show you how you too can become successful for yourself.
“work smarter, not harder” Clare slogan for effective ways to utilize your time but also not be a busy fool, and having to be a prisoner to the entity created. from start up, to other options sole traders. limited companies or charity options which works best for you .
Alternatively if you need someone to build you a website or do marketing leaflets etc, we can give you our experience by our natural listing in search engines your seeing the work and service we provide and our testimonials from people whom we mentored before over the yrs whom now run successful business from using our ideas or some part of the services or companies we trade with to use for their business.
See the blog for pricing and terms and conditions about this service we offer.
We not interested in taking your money, for income and profit  we want you to succeed as well, your success is your wealth and your health is the way you can not only operate a business with lush and vibrant market and sales, but how to steer a ship through storms and navigate your way, through red tape, legislation, business jargon and common sense approach to how to start a project and finish it. ultimately we want you to find your passion and spark and go far as your dreams will allow you to.
We found many people that say its not possible, look at those mastering their craft, able to shift direction, knowing when to take risks and gambles that will pay off in the business world, from a simple wage to running a company with many other staff that help make the team work spread across the total company you formed.
Clare can help with profit loss, and projections in business and looking at ways to effectively raise income from simple ideas effective that work.
Clare can help you set up a company and make it a formal requirement if you wish and these are within the list of charges in our Simply seo blog.
Give business mentoring a go, if you are stuck at the cross road, or simply lost confidence or lack of knowledge where to begin your project and bring it to life.
How can you have your business mentoring through skype, phone or face to face in a meeting.
Best of all doing what you love, and loving what you do becomes part of you, passion driven, and able to make decisions on one’s own ideas, or with a team that makes a company.
Keeping good company, and minding your business, it minds itself, if sustainable, ethical moral, and practical for services or goods to others, that meet their need or requirement.
Our new start up business built made from yrs of running and operating within search engine rankings, keywords and optimization, so we decided laura and I to make it a way to help you too, if you wish for a fair honest transparent cost and the proof from our own websites and people around us have helped us to develop ourselves over the yrs, to better manage our time, and experience to help assist others to have better council over career, or chosen life path.
See website for options on services and our no contract terms and conditions.

 PRICE: consultation time one on one, over the phone but preferably you would suit face to face if local or you can drive to our retreat for a meeting with clare. or we can do skype

You choose the time you need and We charge upfront and grant you allocated time for your needs, questions and help you require.
Price for mentoring business advice 
60 mins = £55.00
120 mins = £100.00
180 mins  = £140.00